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Country Roads

Welcome To:

Manufactured Housing
  Best Value Sales, Inc.
Modular - New - Used - Repos
and Scotbilt Housing

Larry Carter
US Hwy. 84 between Cairo & Thomasville, GA.

 (229) 228-0048
Cell # 229-403-0436
Fax  (229) 228-4244
Cash Deals - Special Pricing
FHA 0% Down
Slow Credit  - OK

   Hello I'm  Larry! 
 Come in and see me today.
I  will be happy to help you with any and all of your home needs.

  From small to large homes, new or used. Mobile or Modular.     We have just the home for you.
  Give us a call today
(229) 228-0048

New Homes
Modular Homes
Land Package Deals
Used & Repos
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Homes 3 & 4
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Scotbilt Homes
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Scotbilt Homes

Heritage Homes

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Modular Homes

Orleans Homes

Legend Homes

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Setting up a Scotbilt

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